Wednesday, 4 January 2012

[Deal] 2 bottles of Nail Polishes FREE from Zoya!

Not sure if you girls heard of Zoya, a very popular brand for nail and lip products in US. Though I read a lot online says that it's a dupe to O.P.I. Well actually it's not. I would say their colors are pretty much similar, you could always find a substitute, they are equally easy to apply and maintain. BUT, if you are as health conscious as me, OPI polish contains camphor, Zoya doesn't!

Well this is a deal post, not a review or something, so I'd better go to the point. Yes, Zoya is giving 2 bottles of Nail Polishes to you for FREE :) You need to pay for the shipping though... I chose the slowest shipping which cost me US$6.95 and would take 7 days to reach my US address.

What you need to do is very simple. Go to, select 2 of your fav colors (no sets, no accessories, only nail polishes), add them into your shopping cart, before checkout enter the code ZOYA2012, apply the code, and the price of the polishes will change to 0.

Enjoy and hope you love Zoya as much as I do =)

p.s. Actually my fav is Deborah Lippmann if you've ever heard of this brand. Will talk more about it in other posts.

p.p.s Happy New Year =)

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