Monday, 16 January 2012

Vitacost Buying Guide

Vitacost is one of my favorite websites to purchase vitamins, honey, and organic beauty product.

One of the reasons is it accepts all forms of international cards, and ships directly to Singapore and a lot of other countries with DHL global mail. Sometimes it might be slow to receive the orders (there was once I waited for 3 weeks!), but generally speaking DHL is safe and parcels are unlikely to go missing.

Some hot brands in Vitacost is YS (honey), Welada (organic brand safe for baby and pregnant woman), Schiff (best for your joints), Burt's Bee (sometimes the brand's official websites offer more discounts, but normally Vitacost offers more value still), Avalon, Thayers (famous for toners with flower extracts), and the highly raved Egyptian Magic Cream.

Shipping within US is free with $49 order. Shipping to Singapore is $6.99 if weight less than 3 pounds. Exact shipping amount will be showed in the checkout page together with the weight.

I seldom see any coupons offered by Vitacost besides their regular sales. But sometimes there will be Gift Cards sold at Groupon (or similar websites). They once offered free US shipping with $25 orders during Thanks Giving, but not seen in any other occasions. They are giving 2 free samples with every oder. Don't forget to add them into your cart :)

Mr. Rebates offers 5% of cash rebate on your order amount though.

Now it's time to recommend some good buys my friend and I found in vitacost. (welcome to share your list with me, just leave a comment!)

Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey 

This kind of honey is from Manuka flowers, said to have antibacterial properties, and help to fight superbugs, especially in throat area. Some Taiwanese signers take one teaspoon of manuka honey everyday to protect their voice and claim it to be very useful.

YS Organic Raw Honey

Another honey product with different active ingredients. This raw honey is not processed solid honey, good for stomach and help to cure stomach bugs. I personally take it everyday and found it helpful as I got less stomach ache after taking spicy hot pot!

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil

Weleda is an organic brand from Germany, and has a quite long history. Very safe for pregnant woman to use, smooths skin well and avoids stretch mark. Though I personally didn't test it yet, my friend who has used it claims that it's comparable effective and much cheaper than Clarins. A valued great buy =)

Weleda Body Oil Wild Rose

Another body oil from Weleda. It's safe for pregnant woman also but not focus on stretch mark. So I would recommend it for daily use. The body oil is best for air-con room or winter climate, when the lower leg and knee area gets too dry, it helps to relief the dryness, and it's so easy to absorb that you hardly notice that it's actually oil! There's also a travel size alternative on vitacost site, good to try it before investing in full size.

YS Organic Bee Farms Propolis Extract

Since I have recommended several types of honey, might as well recommend this honey jelly from YS. Though the brand info claims that this product helps to fight disease. I personally think that it's better for girls to balance the Yin&Yang inside body, thus stabilize our menses. This is organic and safe for pregnant woman as well =)

Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste 

Beside beauty samplers, another term I could hardly resist is 'Organic/Natural'. So I purchased this natural tea tree oil toothpase as soon as I saw the advertisement. Made from natural oil, no SLS, no Gluten, safe ingredients. Though it hardly foams, I still believe the products in your mouth are better to be natural.

Thayers Rose Toner

It's one of the most highly raved rose toner I've encountered. Besides rose, the aloe vera and vitamin E in the toner did the magic I believe. The rose ingredients is not concentrated enough (c'mon what can you expect for 6 bucks?) so this toner is not suitable to use as water masks. But as a toner you will surely find this bottle does its job well.

Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Shampoo

I have oily hair and dry scalp so you can imagine how difficult it is for me to find a fit-for-purpose shampoo. Avalon made me to throw other bottles on my shelf. It improves thinning hair, balances my dry scalp and oily hair, not much foam but smells too nice to resist. My scalp has been healthier since I started to use it 3 months ago, and much less dandruff.

Egyptian Magic Cream

Don't think I need to say any more about it. Buy and use it as your overnight mask. You will surely realize the difference on your skin.


A bit tired. To be continued...

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