Thursday, 23 February 2012

[Haul] January 2012 - Part 1

Wanted to do separate posts but realized it would be a huge workload... So I'll just post all my January hauls here (except the ones I already posted of course).  =p

Some of the following items were actually bought in last december by a friend of mine. But she only passed them to me after Chinese New Year, so I put them in Jan Haul post here =)

Dior L'or De Vie Face and Eye cream. Got them at the annual sale coz they are cheap - I remember the La Creme was sold at $260 instead of $500+ retail. They are too rich for me though, so I gave them to my mum. She loves them a lot, better than her La Prairie Caviar series.

The packaging - both inside and outside - looks awesome, but that counts into the price... Actually they do sell refill packs and you can save quite a bit without the bottles.

Dior j'adore EDT. Got it coz I flew quite often last year due to work, and then Dior puts lots of advertisements of it at Changi airport... I love every perfume with a rose scent, but few years back when I tried J'adore for the first time, I wasn't into it at all. I guess that the magic of age - I loved sweet scents when I was a teenager. But now as a married, working, matured woman, I start to understand the sophisticated side of life, and J'adore.

Two Dior Addicts and a mascara. I actually bought 3 eye shadow palettes as well, but couldn't find the photos of them... Those 3 palettes were past-season's limited editions, including one designer 5-color palette, one normal 5-color palette and one blue ribbon palette. I love them a lot.

My skin condition was not very good when taking the swatches... Please ignore the redness...

Set of Givenchy No Surgetic Wrinkle Defy skincares, including toner, serum, cream for face, and eye cream. Again the set is for my mum. She hasn't started to use yet but heard the line is good.

Givenchy Prisme Again eye palette. The right one is limited edition.

The swatches were taken at reverse sequence... Left 4 was from the right palette in the first pic, and vice versa.

Some makeup items for face - Givenchy Dr White Illuminating Powder, Paul & Joe Finishing Powder, and Givenchy Radically No Surgetic Foundation.

I seldom use Illuminating Powder, but everything from Givenchy just smells so nice and attracts me to use it more and more often =)

This finishing powder is a limited-edition from 2010 winter collection. I wanted #01 but it was out of stock so I got #02, which is a bit dull on my face...

I collect perfumes for the design. LOL. These are the bottles I bought in Jan.

Chose these Issey Miyake because they are limited edition (again?!), and they come in a pair =)

And the reason for getting this Paris Hilton should be quite obvious =)

The Versace is equally sexy.

Another Paris Hilton that teases.

The Versace looks plain, but comes with a lot of details.

This Gap was not in the group photo. Reason being I'm using it as washroom refresher - not only fit the purpose but also doing a superb job!

-------------------------------------I'm a pause line...

I thought I could finish in one blog post, but it seems that after so many photos, I still have almost two third of Jan hauls waiting in the queue. As I still need to work tomorrow, a break is needed and I'll try to finish my Jan Haul posts this weekend.

Happy hauling!

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