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[Haul] January 2012 - Part 2

Continued from Part 1 =)

2 packages from Dr. Brandt. The detoxifying skincare set at left is from their Christmas / New Year sale. Set is already cheaper than buying separately, during the sale they offered 50% x 15% off on top of set price. Nice right? So I bought it, put it in my cosmetics box, and don't know when I can use them... kinda waste...

At the right side are 10 bottles of detoxifying anti-oxidant water booster, 5 goji flavor and 5 blueberry flavor. I love the booster a lot and drink them as my daily routine for anti oxidant effect. Priced at $39.95, I got them for 50% x 15% x 35% off! I have already finished one bottle (together with my hubby of course). Hope the rest 9 bottles could last me longer. =)

The small box on top and packette samples come free with my orders. Good to try out.

This is the SkinCareRx Beauty Cache - Mini Winter Getaway edition. Besides everything in the description online, I received the full-size facial soap (most right in the middle row) as a bonus. Read from online reviews that everyone receives different stuff though.

As for the other products included, I'm a bit disappointed with the size of the products - mostly packettes... But it's good to receive the tote bag - I was expecting a small cosmetics bag as in previous beauty caches, but a tote is more useful =)

I might still purchase next season of beauty caches, provided they can include less packette samples!

These are from last Allure beauty box. Well this is a complicated order process... I ordered in Oct 2011 (yes I mean it), and the box was shipped 8 weeks later, with no shipping email. I knew this was shipped from online reviews, and waited 2 weeks since. When I realized that I still didn't got it in my vpost Suite, it was already December. So I emailed Allure, and waited 3 days before they confirmed that it was shipped and provided me a tracking number. Then vpost took 2 weeks to find my box, and matched with my address...

That's the reason for the box to be counted in my Jan haul list - I only received it in my Singapore home after CNY...

Anyway, for $39.99, it's a good deal to get all above. In 1st photo are the hair products, and 2nd photo are the rest, including skincare, body care and only one cosmetic stuff - Pixi eye liner swatched in the 3rd photo.

Some Vichy stuff received from a friend. My cousin and myself both don't use Vichy so I'm thinking of selling it on Ebay..

These Nivea stuff are from the same friend. And I don't use Nivea as well :'( Must ask my friend to give me some expensive brand next time LOL

This is a package from BGO. This is a Taiwanese website, where you can find cheaper Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean skincare brands, if you happen to read traditional Chinese. They charge expensive shipping though, about 15% of the product price. However most brands are still cheaper after adding on the shipping so I buy a lot from the site.

This time I happen to have a shipping charge voucher of about SGD10 expiring on last Dec 31, so ordered this package on New Year's eve itself while counting down. =p

Two boxes Otto socks are specially designed for ladies who sit in front of computers for more than 10 hours. It helps blood circulation and makes your leg thinner. I don't really see any significant improvements but my leg do feel relaxing wearing it, and less water retention.

Kao steam eye mask is my holy grail for long-haul flights. It releases warm steam when put on and helps to relax and sleep. My hubby uses it when he fails to sleep at night also. I would recommend all of my friends to use it. =)

The rest are exchanged gifts from my points of previous shopping. BGO gives 3% rebate on your orders, and offers super-value gifts for exchange regularly. This time I got Sexylook masks and Elizabeth Arden green tea moisture lotion. Sexylook masks are famous for their cutting, the mask paper covers the whole face, ear, and neck area. I stopped using My Beauty Diary masks since I discovered Sexylook =)
The EA lotion comes with good smell, same as their green tea perfume, and that's the only reason I got it...

Heard theBalm Nude tude palette is even better than Urban Decay's Nude. This is true, and also cheaper.

I feel this is more practical than UD Nude, as the color is lighter and suitable for daily use. Will do a swatch and review separately =)

These are from

1st and 2nd photo is the Be & D Heather in Black, with 7 items inside. DDF toner was leaked when I received them, which made all the rest stuff wet and sticky... sad...

3rd photo is a de-luxe travel set, including 2 soaps, 3 body scrubs, 2 body washes and 3 body lotions. The set was on sale for only $7.5, great value yeah!

Rest of the photos are GWP clutch from Actually I made the order only to get the clutch...  Samples inside are just bonus =p

------------------------------------- I'm a pause line...

Well seems that I couldn't finish my Jan haul again... Still have a few more purchases... Will try to post them as soon as possible, before Feb ends! =)

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