Thursday, 2 February 2012

[Review] Vanity Trove January Box Review

Among all the three beauty box/sampler programs in Singapore, Vanity Trove might be not so famous, not so popular, but it definitely won my love. Though I heard about it too late and only received 1 box yet, though it might be the most expensive with $25 per month, I love it for its packaging, design, product selection, and personalized customization. Read on, and you will understand why I said so =)

January's Vanity Trove comes in a pretty large box, about twice the size of Bellabox. The paper box is of very high quality, and easy enough to pull out, I'll definitely keep it for future use.

Here comes the trove after pulling out.

A standard thingy across all the boxes - a Thank You note and product description.

All products are placed in two layers. On top is a Yadah sample bag and a piece of mask from Leaders Clinic.

Below is a Yadah angel Lipstick, Clinique Moisture Surge and Olivella shower gel/body lotion set. Not sure if you girls love the shiny thingy to fill up the box, but I do. As it helped me a lot in taking photos =)

If you happen to have read my previous reviews of Glamabox and Bellabox, you surely will notice that though all 3 boxes claim that they provide high-end luxury products, Vanity Trove is still the only one included department store brands (e.g. Clinique) into their boxes. I like it. No longer brands that you've never heard of.

And here comes the products.

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, 15ml, worth $22.5

I seldom us Clinique. But Moisture Surge happens to be of the ones I use. I love it for its lightweight, moisturizes so well and absorbs so fast. I use it whenever I feel my skin needs a moisture boost. What else do I need to say? Google for more reviews yourself and believe =)

2. Olivella Bath & Shower Gel, Olivella Body Lotion, 70ml each, worth $6.3

Honestly I have never heard of Olivella before. And even after few days use I still tend to mis-spell it as Ovellia - doesn't it sound better? LOL. Anyway, I love anything organic, and eat a lot of olive oil everyday. So it's definitely a good idea to try an Olive Oil based shower gel and body lotion =)

And the best thing is that they both worked so well! The shower gel is not really bubbled, so it might not  be the type for the bubbles girls =) But if you are like me, who is only after clean and clear skin, this is for you, and it works for sensitive skin as well! (c'mon it's organic it should work...) The body lotion doesn't have any extra smell except the natural olive oil one, hmm, I would prefer some smell... But it moisturizes my skin quite well... Hmm... Ok I'll forgive the smell =)

But if you are buying the retail version, don't buy locally. might be a better choice as they're cheaper there. And the websites ships directly to Singapore with a reasonable cost.

3. Yadah Angel Lip Tint & Cheek Stain in Juicy Red, full size, worth $10.90

Have you ever used Benetint from Benefit? This product is very similar to benetint, can be used as both blusher and lip stain. The color is nice and looks pretty good on my face. But it doesn't stay long enough comparing to Benetint, and need to be re-applied during lunch hour. So if you don't mind the trouble, this is a good substitute for Benetint, for only SGD10.90 instead of USD29 =)

4. Yadah Beauty Pack, 1 pack, worth $10.90

I haven't tried everything in the pack yet, but only the Angel BB. Actually the first thing I fall for was the lovely packaging and cute name. YADAH! haha. The BB cream was pretty good - well in my mind all korean BB creams should be good =) Only problem is that it doesn't have a good oil-control. Combination or Oily skin type will have to use loose powder or oil control powder on top.

YADAH is said to be available in Sasa very soon. I guess I'll check out rest of the range, at least the packaging. Haha.

5. Leader's Clinic Face Mask, 1 sheet, worth $7.5

Another Korean brand, nowadays Korean brands are becoming more and more popular, huh? The masks are different across all boxes according to the beauty profile I filled in when signed up. Mine is a cleansing one. I used face masks everyday since there are too many sheet masks are sitting in my drawer :'( So I don't see any significant different from the use of this mask... Also I didn't expect any magic to happen =) I probably won't buy it too soon. Same reason being I'm having too many masks... But it would be a good choice when I don't know what to buy =)


Conclusion is, I love it. Comparison? I'll do in a separate post. A quick hint, Vanity Trove is the one I will recommend if you only want to subscribe to one program.

Want to feel the love as well? There's a promotion going on at Reebonz if you don't want to commit too long. 3 months subscription for 20% off. Worth to try =)

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