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2012 Feb Vanity Trove Review

Sorry for posting this so late. Having been lazy to take photos for a while... Hopefully this Feb Vanity Trove review is still not too late and provides you some useful info for your subscription decision! =)

My review for Jan Vanity Trove is here.

And here comes Feb one =)

Nothing much changed for the packaging. Though the purple color do shows some romantic feeling for Valentines day. (but I remember the box only reached me one week after Valentine...)

2 vouchers were included in the box, which I personally think... hmm... not fantastic at all... Reasons being, price at The Nature Skin is at sky high, you could get the same stuff from Vitacost, iherb or even drugstore (more choices as well!) While for Skin Inc, I don't see the value from their product, IMHO.

And these are the contents.

1. Two mini OPI Nail Lacquer, from Nicki Minaj Collection

Nicki Minaj is OPI 2012 Spring collection. So it's good to seem them here =) I got one bottle of Pink Friday and one bottle of glitter Save Me. I didn't shoot any swatches as there are many good swatches online already. For colors, you can refer to thepolishaholic. So I'll just share a bit of thought here - don't ever buy OPI mini bottles! I have quite a few full size OPI bottles from different collections, and the most significant difference I found between those big bottles and these small bottles are the brushes - mini bottle brush really lacks of quality...

2. Filthy Farmgirl Handmade Soap

I got the soap sample in Cardamom Rose. Never heard about the brand before, but when I got it, I fell in love at first sight! The smell is naturally nice, the shape and color is so cute like a piece of cake. I've only used it once, it makes my skin smooth but a bit dry - body lotion is a must and this is not a problem to me. 8USD for a full size soap definitely worth trying. Though I have to say that you can't expect this soap to clean the dirt for you (sweats no problem), so if you did some labour work in the day, better keep your shower gel.

3. Mekhala Living Shampoo and Conditioner

I got 30ml sample each from their Black Rice series. Guess the brand is similar to Thann and other Thai Spa brands. And like other similar brands, the smell is nice and has a sense of Chinese herbs.

My hair concern is oily but dry scalp, dandruff and sometimes fuzzy. After using the products, I realized that this is not for me. It's 100% natural (which I really like), and more for dry/normal hair type. Though I wash hair everyday, my scalp and hair become very oily in the afternoon, and more dandruff appears as a result. I'm not buying these full size, but would think it's a better match for dry hair or even normal hair. They claim that it prevents hair dropping as well, so maybe suitable for girls with hair thinning problem =)

4. SkinC Pure Repair Whitening Eye Mask

The claim for the mask is reducing dark circles. It does, but doesn't last long as expected. My skin doesn't feel any lifting or firmer after apply the mask, which disappointed me. For the similar price, I would rather buy the customized eye mask from MTM skincare, which also lightens my dark circle, yet firms my skin.

5. Allerines Premium Tea

I got two sachets, one Sakura and one Sparkling strawberries. Both are based on Green Sencha tea. I'm a green tea person so I love them both, though I feel that they are targeting more towards people not so into green tea as they add in flowers and fruits to make it sweeter? But I love green tea in any form, especially when they use the pyramid sachet instead of traditional one.

Between these two, I love Sakura more. Not only for its pinkish color coming from Rose, but also the floral gorgeous smell. I google-d for their website and realized that it's selling at $16.50 per 80 sachets w/ free shipping. Affordable and I'll definitely try =)

6. Rinsie Rose Accesory

I don't get it. The thing looks lovely but I have no idea what it's for... the booklet says I can always exchange for something else though, I may need to do that!


This month's Vanity Trove is lovely, from head to toe, from skincare to drinks. But it gives me a feeling that Vanity Trove doesn't have a consistent direction - the previous troves focuses on skincare, mostly, which is different from this one. Though I don't mind trying some other stuff, I love the previous troves more, let me know what I can expect and enjoys a little surprise.

So it's hard to say whether the quality has increased or dropped. I would wait for a few more troves to see whether they will still be struggling between skincare and drinks or find their own way.

What do you get in your trove? Do you like it this way? Share!


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