Sunday, 10 June 2012

2012 Apr Bellabox Review

This month's Bellabox left me a very strange feeling - everything looked nice but I would in the end use/purchase only one of them...

And here's the content:

They kept their tradition of introducing some brands from a certain country, but label themselves of another more prestige country... What the... ?!

This is the product i'm talking about,
1. Enavose H2Osis Black Tea Quench Mask

Enavose is a local brand, Singapore born - at least all the evidence I searched through online show that they're never heard of outside the island. But they label themselves as Evanose Switzerland... Any specific purpose of doing so? Hmm...
Anyway, the product itself is not bad, fit the purpose of hydration, but nothing else. I would say that by using My Beauty Diary or any other Taiwan cheap beauty masks daily would leave your skin the same or even better effect. Will I purchase it? Definitely no, the retail price is only a few bucks cheaper than Clarins HydraQuench Mask and trust me, you will get much much better result from Clarins.

2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF20 and Foundation Primer

These are the only stuffs I would like to use/purchase from this month's box, well actually I bought them long time ago before they appear in the box so I don't think this month's box did any thing... LM offers one of the best Tinted Moisturizers I've ever used and their foundation primer is also above average. I would do a more detailed product recommendation of Laura Mercier later since finally they are in Singapore. Stay tuned. =)

3. Lemongrass House Royal Lotus Shower Gel

Don't feel any lotus from it but the nose is considered fresh - best to use during morning shower, not evening LOL. Though I generally love Thai body products, still I wouldn't purchase this... Overpriced at 260ml for $18?! Crazy...

4. Moa Green Balm

This happens to be a miracle - solid, instant relief on my insect bites. Didn't really expected this little thing to work but proved to be a hidden gem! =) Sadly I'm not going to buy it - too expensive comparing to my lovely tiger balm (not exactly the same effect though). But I would suggest you girls to get it from feelunique if there's a need - much cheaper with free shipping!

5. Kinohimitsu BB Drink

Great taste of peach flavor. Didn't notice any difference from just two bottles intake. More expensive than my favorite Fancl, so? I still stick with Fancl...


Apr's Bellabox was a disappoint. But it still won the battle because it had a worse competitor - Apr Glamabox. I'm going to catch up with the reviews and you'll see later how Bellabox lucked out...

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