Sunday, 1 July 2012

2012 May GlamaBox Review

You might have read that I have cancelled my GlamaBox subscription after receiving April box, and this is my last box. 

Frankly speaking I was happy that I had cancelled the subscription after looking at May box's content. I feel that GlamaBox has became worse and good that I escaped earlier. LOL.

Here's my May box.
1. Kerasys Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

I have never heard of the brand before but it made my skin straighter only after a few usage. I use less flat irons with the help with the Kerasys set! But one thing makes me annoyed is that my skin gets oily easily as well - so I would recommend this to dryer hair girls who wants straightened hair =)

2. Talika Bio-Enzyme Renaissance Mask

I love Talika eye masks a lot and expect a lot from this face mask. But I was a bit disappointed with it - maybe because I set a too high expectation... The mask helped my face instantly lifted up and glowing, which is similar of their eye mask. But the effect that their eye mask brings can last a few days, while this face mask only lasts a night - those cheaper Taiwanese masks give me the same effect for a night as well...

3. Caviar Extract Anti-Aging Essence

It's said to be a US originated prestige brand but I realized that it has no retail shops, no customer service, no proper English website, and seems more likely another Hong Kong based brand (with a Chinese website) with fake origin and sky high price (SG$160 per 5 doses). So I didn't dare to try it...

4. Shea Organics Shea Body Butter

Very moisturized, very gentle, can even be used by mother & baby. However there's no other additional benefits brought by this product - thus I'm not going to spend on this product, but still will be happy if receive it as a gift.

5. Mask House Celebrity Snail Extract Moisturizing Gel Mask

Snail extract is a trendy ingredient in Korea, so this mask is just following the trend... Anyway I don't like it, a bit greasy, not as 'wet' as Taiwanese masks (means there's less essence). Though it left my skin moist and soft, but again the effect lasts for one night - I would rather spend on cheaper Taiwanese masks...

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