Thursday, 18 October 2012

Quick update from Luxasia Sale 2012

I didn't go personally because of the rain so the following are 2nd hand info from my friend. =)

What my friend spotted -
Burberry: foundation and liquid foundation ($25 each, except #4 is $38) #1 , #2, #4 and other darker shades, lippies (price unknown), and a few concealer also at $25
RMK: eye shadow and blushes
Guerlain: Illuminating powder at $80, a few single color eyeshadows, 6-color shadow palettes for $65, liquid foundation $35 each. There were Meteorites primer, powder and loose powder available but she was too late to grab them...
Hermes: Un Jardin Sil le Nil body spray only ($60ish), no parfum... other perfums also runs fast, I think they are like $60ish per 100ml bottle?
By Terry: foundation $35 but lighter shades are all gone, primer $50+ each
Anna Sui: A lot of single eye shadows

Skincare from Decleor, Gatineau, Guerlain, Jurlique were also available but she's not a skincare person so didn't bring much info back.

She went in 10.30am and there's no queue! strange... maybe that's because of the rain? LOL

Anyway she recons that this year's sale is quite disappointing and I'll probably update a bit more when she gets back:)

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  1. They opened the door earlier at 10am, so there is no queue at 10.30am.. There are Burberry single eyeshadows as well. Burberry lipglosses at $16 each.


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