Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Quick update from Shiseido Private Warehouse Sale

Just back from the Shiseido Private Sale. Reached at 9.45 but the door has opened already. Queue was quite short and the venue is not as crowded as last time. When I checked out my stuff there was even no one queueing!

Plenty of stuffs I spotted as below:

Cle De Peau Beaute - plenty of Foundation Compact in popular shades, forget the exact price but I think it's 60ish, in shade BF20/I10/O10/O20 etc... La Creme sample sets (2 x 3ml) for $25, palette vintage still available for $80, lots of single eye shadows in 8 shades not like last sale there was only 1, price is the same as last time at $25 each. This time there's silky lipsticks available as well - I grabbed 129 and 130 but there are 4 more shades which are too light/too dark for me, $40 each. Other lipsticks and lipglosses are on sale also but only 1 or 2 stocks left so I didn't even check the price out... For other skincares they only have night emulsion and 200ml size of cleanser available, no price tag and I didn't bother to ask the BA...

Shiseido/Maquillage - plenty stocks of everything, lippies foundations nail polishes eyeshadows. I aimed only eyeshadows from them and spotted the Shiseido Makeup Collection Palette from last sale is still available and priced the same at $30. Maquillage Eye Creater (3D) is only available in shade GY867 so I bought one at $25. There are a lot of Shiseido skincare deluxe sample sets available in Benefiance/White Lucent/basic line and their anti-aging lines, each set has 4-5 deluxe samples of products from each line and cost between $15-$25. Quite worth it but I have too much skincare so didn't buy any. Girls who are interested in trying out Shiseido skincares/going on travel should find them very handy.

There are plenty other products from Ettusais, Aqualabel, Shiseido Hair lines etc. A few selections of tote bag/cosmetics bags are on sale as well. Worth to go down if you happen to work nearby as the sale timing is office hours! =)

-----------------------------update 25/10--------------------------

As requested, here are some photos of my mini haul this time, including 2 Cle De Peau Beaute Extra Silky Lipstick #129 and #130 (both are last spring's limited collection), and a Maquillage Eye Creater 3D in GY867.


  1. thanks for the update. i was googling for this sales and landed on your page, being ranked as top. that explains why there is little people going as you are among the few who went and then update :)

    what is your haul? i hope i can make out some time to march down tomorrow :P
    have fun shopping!

    1. Hi Tiffany, thanks for visiting my blog! My haul was only the 2 silky lipsticks and 1 Maquillage Eye Palette as mentioned in the post. Total damage = $105. I felt that the sale this time is quite disappointing as my main target is Cle De Peau/Shiseido eye palettes and lippies but not many are available.
      The BAs there mentioned that there won't be any restock tomorrow, so if you plan to visit the sale, today might be better! =) Happy hauling!

  2. Did you see bio performance advance super revitalising cream and benefiance wrinkle resist 24 intensive eye contour cream in the sample sets?

    1. Hey girl. I don't remember seeing any eye cream in the sample sets, all of them only have cleanser, softener, emulsion, day cream, and one additional item depends on the line, could be cleansing cream, night cream, or serum. For the bio-performance revitalizing cream, I remember seeing that in one of the $15 sets, but couldn't remember whether that's the bio-performance line or basic line...

  3. Do u mind to post the product that u have purchase?

    1. I accidentally left the plastic bag (yes they used cheapo red plastic bag for the sale...) in the office, so I'm sorry I couldn't post the photos today... probably tomorrow!

      But there are only 3 of them, Cle De Peau Beaute Extra Silky Lipsticks in 129 and 130 (they were last spring's limited collection) at $40 each, and Maquillage Eye Creater (3D) in GY867 at $25. Total damage = $105

      Didn't purchase any skincare coz I have too much in my stash and could last me about 3 years. Same goes foundations. But eye shadows/lippies are never too many for me! =)


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