Monday, 28 January 2013

[Sponsored Review] But Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored review, but the content is written by me based off of my experience with the product and not biased.

The brand name is cute, so does the logo, which gave me a good first impression =) They have recently launched 16 different series of masks, nice touch to different concerns.

This time I tested But Becky Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask, read from the overleaf, "Rich in botanical DHEA, Vitamin C and E, wild yam is perfect for delaying the aging process of your skin while balancing sebum and hydrates skin with natural minerals. Elastin fiber and Collagen revitalize and regenerate skin cells for a smoother and youthful skin."

Similar to the Sexylook masks I reviewed previously, they have ear hooks as well. However, it has some unique features like double layer knitting technique, and special diamond pattern emboss. =)

This is how the sheet looks when folded, with loads of serums. There's still some leftovers which can be used on neck/body parts=)

Love the ear hooks with a lifting effect, and the diamond shape 'forces' skin to absorb the serum faster.

The mask surprisingly has a longer after-effect than other Taiwanese sheet masks. My skin glows even in the next morning! =)

However, one thing I don't really like is the design of nose part, it seems too short to cover my nose in full (I don't think my nose is longer than most people...) If this doesn't bother you, I would recommend the mask to everyone who loves inexpensive yet effective sheet masks! =)

For those interested, Sexylook masks can be purchased in singapore at Watsons!

More Photos Inside the Post!

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