Friday, 19 July 2013

Quick Update of Luxasia Sales 2013

The sale is still on and tomorrow is the last day. Some of the hot items may have been sold out but Luxasia will replenish from time to time so watch out! =)

Guerlain: Lots of perfumes, most 50ml EDT at $27 and 50ml EDP set at 47. Skincares range from $26 for lotions to $60+ for serums. Liquid foundations from $16 to $27, powder foundations less than $30, Terracotta bronzer from $18 to $31. Kiss Kiss lipsticks $18. Loose Powders $12 - $18. 4 color Eyeshadow palettes $20-$27. 2012 Xmas limited edition palette $27.

By Terry: Blushers $30. Lip pencil $18. Foundations only left with dark tones so I didn't check the price...

Becca: Loose powder $20, beach tint #watermelon $11, #fig $15, #strawberry #15. Corrector $18. Base $20. Brushes $10-$20. highlighter $24.

Burberry: Liquid foundation $18, lipsticks $10. There are also several shades of single eyeshadows but I didn't check the price...

Albion: First time seeing this brand in Luxasia Sale! Foundation refill $15 only + case $8. skincare set 39. Mist $10. Lotion $18. Massage cream $20. Makeup remover $22.

Anna Sui: Foundation/base/powder foundation/loose powder $15. Nail lacquers $7. Lip sticks/lip gloss $12. Skincares include lotion and serums are all $15. Perfumes at $20 for 30ml bottles. Body wash/lotion $11.

Jurlique: Rose hip $18, body wash $15, there are also day cream and body lotions but I forgot about the price.

Aveda: Shampoo/Conditioner salon size $40, all skincare/bodycare at 60% off retail.

Eve Lom: firming serum $45, hand cream $30

There are also loads of skincare from Ren, Decleor, Payot, StriVectin, Gatineau...

Perfumes including Hermes, L'artisan, Valentino, Lanvin, Burberry, Nina Ricci, Ferragamo, and many more.

My Haul: I don't have the details because I left everything at office (Cry!!!) But the total damage is $484 and should include the following:

Becca beach tint * 3
By Terry lip liner * 2
Guerlain eye shadow palette * 7
Guerlain lip stick * 2
Burberry lip stick * 1
Hermes perfume * 3
Ferragamo perfume * 1
Lanvin Marry Me * 1
Nina Ricci perfume * 2

I believe there are still others though... will update next week when back to office!!


  1. Dear Tanya,
    I have missed the Luxasia Sales :(
    Any items that you are willing to let go?
    Esp Hermes perfume.
    Hear from you... Thanks.


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